As a highly charismatic, motivational speaker, Ian provided the perfect mix of entertainment, engagement and connection for conference participants. As the final speaker at a two day conference he established the perfect closing climate for our group, leaving people feeling highly engaged, positive and motivated. Our post conference feedback was extremely positive and participants noted that the choice of Ian as the final speaker left them feeling on a high.

Multiple people noted that he was the most motivating and inspiring speaker they had ever heard and this reflects Ian’s true strength. He connects individually with the group as people respond and connect to different elements of his story.
— Suzy Keene, Senior Training Advisor at the University of Otago
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“Ian spoke at our conference dinner for the Otago Southland Branches of the New Zealand Law Society. He delivered a wonderful blend of storytelling and music with a heartfelt and inspiring message for our guests. Ian’s work with us as a professional motivational speaker made my role as Conference Convenor a breeze!”
— Lucia Vincent (Employment Lawyer)
Ian’s combination of humour, insight and wisdowm was of the highest quality. His address was both informative as it was entertaining. I would thorough recommend him as a motivational or inspirational speaker and would be delighted to have Ian back to address the college in the future.
— David Hunter, Prinicpal, Taieri College