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Scarfie Flats panel discussion - part of Dunedin Wrtiers and Readers Festival

“Like the ancient art of couch burning (but far safer), flat-naming is a very important and unique part of the overall rite of passage of Otago University students.” So say the authors ofScarfie Flats of DunedinSarah Gallagher was so intrigued by this vibrant aspect of Dunedin’s social history that she spent 18 years researching it before co-writing a lavishly illustrated book on the subject with Ian Chapman. The two will share stories about the flats, the tenants and the colourful goings-on. Chaired by upstanding former Castle St resident (and author of one of the book’s chapters) Aaron Hawkins.

11 May, 1-2pm Hanover Hall, Free

David Bowie: the art of being different - part of the Dunedin Fringe Festival

In this sparkling interactive performance and talk, Bowie aficionado Dr Ian Chapman unravels the extraordinary marriage of sound and visual effect that lies at the heart of David Bowie, one of the most complex and enduring performers in popular music. Read more …

New Athenaeum Theatre 10pm on 28, 29, 30 March, book here.

Character flaws provide no grounds for banishing memory of individuals

Thanks to the many people who have got in touch re this opinion piece I wrote about Michael Jackson’s place in academic study, published in the Otago Daily Times this week. It sparked heaps of support, and also a handful of folks with alternate views. Please note: I didn't write the headline - that was supplied by the newspaper. Personally I’d have titled it with something a bit stronger than ‘character flaws’, but nevertheless I appreciate the ODT’s willingness to publish. Otago Daily Times, 13 March 2019. The topic was also discussed on The Panel.

Scarfie Flats of Dunedin - published!

This book, written with Sarah Gallagher of Dunedin Flat Names Project, has been published and is now available in Paper Plus and independent bookshops. University Bookshop will post internationally. Read an extract in published in the Otago Daily Times, Tracing origins of Student flats.

David Bowie: Life changer

I'm pretty thrilled to have been invited to write this piece for Warner Music Australia, for their I Like Your Old Stuff website. Thanks especially to Rachael Botur and Allison Hodge for the opportunity. 

Rocking On

“Rock music has been a defining force in Dr Ian Chapman’s life as a musician, performer and academic. It is also the inspiration for his flourishing career as a writer.” Read the full article in Otago Magazine.

Big ups to Lizzy Lukeman, Karen Hogg, Alan Dove, and Nigel Zega for their various roles in bringing this story to fruition in the latest Otago Uni magazine. Thanks you good things! :) - Ian

The Bowie paper is back!

Back by popular demand for 2019 is this paper dedicated in its entirety to David Bowie. An in depth and highly interdisciplinary examination and celebration of the artist’s work, it was a blast when I last ran it as a Summer School paper in 2015 and I’m excited to be running it again in a new and improved format. It came to the attention of Mr Bowie himself last time and it was a buzz to see it featured on his official website, Facebook page, and other bona fide Bowie social media. This time around it's running as a first semester paper in 2019. Get in the Bowie zone, buy your make-up, and enrol now!

And remember, as the great man himself said: "If the homework brings you down then we'll throw it on the fire and take the car downtown . . ."

Bowie Paper on Bowie FB Page.jpg


Below are a collection of links to a broad mix of reviews, interviews, promos and other media pieces. I am always happy to talk to media, please get in touch.

The Dunedin Sound' is celebrated nationally and internationally as being a unique event in New Zealand’s popular music history.



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